…and welcome to my cute little site. My name is Willow Pink and I am a girl from England that writes erotic stories that are a little different from the norm.

In my stories I try to convey a level of sexy depth that I find missing from most other erotic writing, but don’t worry; I don’t hold back on the juicy bits!

I love you all so so much. I hope you enjoy my work; if you like what you read then please let me know.

Have fun!

My Books:

My books are all available on both Amazon and Smashwords.

Master Class:


Master Class – Novella One


In Novella One the first four books of the delicious Master Class series are brought together for one fabulously naughty week at St Gregory’s school. Join Rebecca as she gives in to her lesbian lust in class and disgraces herself in front of her friends. Follow Louise through her journey of revenge, voyeurism, deviance and desire. Enjoy the temptation experienced by the naïve teacher Miss Kay as her girls make her do ever more sexy things. And watch Emma break through her fears to become completely engrossed in her schoolmate’s erotic games.

Master Class Novella One contains the following four books:

Master Class Part One Rebecca’s Story
Master Class Part Two Louise’s Story
Master Class Part Three The Bathroom Story
Master Class Part Four Detention

Master Class – Novella Two


In Novella Two the next four books of the hot-as-hell Master Class series are combined as we follow the girls through their sexy homework assignments. Louise pleasures herself in the gym, twice, only to be caught on CCTV. Emma spies on two twins having fun at the swimming pool only to then be found out herself. Rebecca discovers the joys of sex toys at the mall with a new friend, her vibrating pleasures opening up a whole new world of opportunities for her. And Alison goes clubbing only to be blackmailed again by a powerful woman with an unexpected link to the girls…

Master Class Novella Two contains the following four books:

Master Class Part Five Louise’s Assignment
Master Class Part Six Emma’s Assignment
Master Class Part Seven Rebecca’s Assignment
Master Class Part Eight Alison’s Assignment


Part One: Rebecca’s Story


In the first part of the amazing Master Class series, Rebecca succumbs to an overwhelming desire to secretly satisfy herself to her beautiful English teacher, Miss Kay, while in class! Her voyeuristic and surreptitious masturbation all goes to plan until the school bitch, Louise, catches her in the act…

Part Two: Louise’s Story


Part Two of Master Class follows the school bitch, Louise, as she discovers her cute classmate, Rebecca, masturbating in their English lesson. The evil revelation of this secret to the entire class soon humiliating Rebecca, but this also getting Louise into big trouble. Burning with hate for the girl, she spies on Rebecca being told off, but sees way more than she ever expected…

Part Three: The Bathroom Story


After the amazing events of the day before, the sexy school bitch, Louise puts into action the first part of her deviant blackmail plan. In Part Three of Master Class Louise attacks Rebecca in the school bathrooms, the bully forcing Rebecca to perform a personal show for her. And then the fun really starts…

Part Four: Detention


In Part Four of Master Class, Louise blackmails and manipulates her beautiful teacher, Miss Kay, into giving a very special lesson for the three girls in their detention. Things soon spiral out of control until all the girls are overcome with the erotic power of that very special class…

Part Five: Louise’s Assignment: The Gym


In Part Five Louise dares to complete her naughty assignment in her exclusive female only gym. Surrounded by perspiring and beautiful women Louise soon succumbs to her sexy needs, not once, but twice. Although in such a public place a secret like this can be hard to hide…

Part Six: Emma’s Assignment: The Pool


In Part Six of Master Class the sexy swimmer Emma chooses the familiar waters of her swimming pool to complete her part of Miss Kay’s deviant assignment. Emma has a stroke of luck when she comes across two pretty teen twins, but the identical girls in their matching bikinis and cute pigtails force Emma to take a risk too far…

Part Seven: Rebecca’s Assignment: The Mall


For Part Seven of Master Class cute Rebecca visits the Mall to complete her solo assignment. In the dazzling array of shops she stumbles upon a retailer of gorgeous sex toys and a naughty idea soon forms. Unfortunately she is not old enough to enter such an adult establishment, but while contemplating her predicament she meets a sexy new friend that helps her out in the most unexpected of ways…

Part Eight: Alison’s Assignment: The Club


In Part Eight of Master Class the girl’s gorgeous teacher ventures to an exclusive nightclub to complete her part of the naughty assignment. Surrounded by beautiful dancing women all dressed in slinky sexy outfits and moving to the music, Alison quickly loses herself to the erotic energy of the amazing dance-floor, but her dirty solo games catches the eye of a very powerful woman and she is soon beckoned to the VIP area to discuss an offer she can’t refuse…

Fifty Shades of Pink:

Willow Pink’s Straight Stories

Late Homework


Mr Sparky is very angry; Jessica has still not handed in her homework and he is going to punish her. He traps the small teenager in the girl’s bathroom and makes his terrified pupil perform ever more deviant acts for his pleasure. Even an escape attempt by the scared teen does not work.

Featuring Masturbation, Forced Sex, Fingering, Rimming, Cum and Virginal Fucking, Willow Pink takes this as far as she dares…



Mark thinks he is alone in the sauna until he is interrupted by the new teenage gym member that he had been fantasising about. The little brunette looks incredible in her tiny bikini and Mark can’t help but look.

But then he dares to do things that are very bad indeed.

Featuring voyeurism, masturbation, cum, blowjobs and hot steamy teen sauna lust, Willow Pink does it again in her hottest scene yet.



Emily takes a lonely stroll in the woods on a hot summer’s day. But today Emily dares to venture off the path well-trodden to explore more than just the depths of the magical forest.

Join little virginal Emily on her voyage of discovery through the secrets of the woods and through the secrets of her own hidden desires.

Featuring first time masturbation, fingering, squirting and beautiful youthful nudity.


Guys, I really appreciate your support for my writing – it has been amazing so far. If you are kind enough to buy one of my books then I would love it if you could take the time to rate it and review it for me. The more feedback I get the better my new stories become!

UPDATE: The battle with Amazon continues. It just seems I am too damn sexy for them – I have been banned 15  16 times! To combat their relentless determination to censor my girls I have split the book into episodes so when one gets banned the others should survive!

UPDATE: Master Class Part 8 – Alison’s Assignment out NOW!

UPDATE: Fifty Shades books OUT NOW!

UPDATE: I have now released two Novella Compilations for the Master Class books saving you money!

UPDATE: Facebook page back up and running. Please click the ‘like’ button on my sidebar.

A few people have asked how to get hold of my books without using Amazon. Simply send me an email to willowpink@ymail.com and let me know what books you want with a Paypal payment of $0.99 per book to willowpink@ymail.com and I will send you them over.



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